ET2: Indian Elections, Packaging Parties, a Viking Funeral of Editing


ET2: Indian Elections, Packaging Parties, a Viking Funeral of Editing

October 2019
ET2: Indian Elections, Packaging Parties, a Viking Funeral of Editing

Two of our Account Executives cover some of the exciting topics they’ve been researching and writing about.

In this edition of Executive Time, Rudi and Brad discuss some of their most interesting pieces of work from the week. The episode covers everything from the science of elite sport to filling a disused airport with 600,000 people in the construction industry. It’s another varied and fascinating episode.

Harnessing confidence

Brad is currently working on one of our most exciting projects, a book for Track Record Coaching about the psychology of elite sport and how this can be translated into daily life to “harness confidence and release potential." Track Record Coaching was founded by Olympians and elite sports coaches to work with both individuals and companies to coach them in their methods and principles in order to improve their confidence. Alongside their coaching, the company also publishes books and advice, giving people the power to apply their new knowledge to their life and work.

The Executives discussed their own understanding of sport psychology and their own experiences with coaches, considering the coaching role of editors or managers in the context of the business and how useful coaches are in day-to-day life. The executives concluded that coaches on any level were psychologists and understood (some better than others), what different people are motivated by and how to utilise that. They hypothesised that at an elite level, ability is at such a height that the difference in success can be made by the psychologist’s aptitude for using praise and confidence to enhance performance.

Packaging parties

Summer is event season for the packaging industry, with trade shows such as ProPack and PackEx drawing in thousands of packaging experts such as consultants, marketers and machinery suppliers. Rudi has been working on lots of material for Mpac Group plc, an international company with a mission to be a global leader of high-speed packaging solutions. Among his work for them this week were press releases, pre-event blogs to market content and social media strategy, all to promote their products and booth at trade shows.

The scale of these trade events, as mentioned previously, can exceed hundreds of thousands, with organisations and individuals going home with bags of merchandise, contacts and future sales. 600,000 people attend the Bauma event, a similar occurrence in the construction industry, which meant that it needed to be held in an old airport to accommodate all the different elements of the conference. The Executives agree that the logistics of the events are astounding, but perhaps more interesting is that these intricate worlds are unknown to people outside the industry. 

Sweeten the deal

The Indian elections were a controversial topic earlier this year, brought closer to home by our client, Ragus, who produce sugar on an international scale, while based in the UK. Through writing about the worldwide sugar market, Brad discovered that sugar is the second most political commodity after oil and has been deeply wrapped up in the Indian elections.

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, committed immense subsidies to Indian sugar mills in the sugar cane region, some say in a bid to win the large area of North India, which has a total of 128 MPs. However, sugar mills are now owed billions of dollars by the government and the large subsidies have made changes to the market, including the price of India’s sugar, which is now higher than the international price.

Although he kept his position as the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has been accused of vote-buying and has received complaints from farmers, many of whom are in debt. While he has introduced a crop insurance scheme, a soil health scheme and an online trading platform for agricultural produce, the removal of high value banknotes in 2016 led to suffering from rural communities like those in the sugar cane region that relied on cash. We will wait to see if he is able to keep his most recent promise, to double farmers’ income by 2022.

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