Senior Copywriter
Copestone copywriter Ashley

Ashley, as a seasoned copywriter, marketing communications specialist and author, combines an engaging writing style with a clear focus on marketing objectives, delivering customer-centred content with strategic and commercial impact.

With extensive experience across multiple sectors including finance, IT, retail, recruitment and healthcare, Ashley has created content for organisations ranging from Lego to the Financial Times, Bang & Olufsen to B&Q.

During his career’s early stages, Ashley was the senior copywriter at the London office of Systemax, the American marketing/retail conglomerate. He has written articles for magazines and newspapers, including one-off pieces in national newspapers and a long-running column for Computer-Aided Design magazine.

More recently, Ashley’s book, I’m Here! How to Write Brilliant Marketing Material That Gets Your Business Noticed was published by CGW Publishing in 2015.

Ashley has a BSc (hons) degree in Physics from the University of London.